CENTRALP embedded electronic systems for the railway sector allow an easier adaptation to the extreme demands of the market, while respecting the characteristics of every customer.
We are committed to the sustainability of our products, performance, control of maintainability (obsolescence management – design evolution …), robustness, support (after sales service – assistance), security, standards, respect for architecture systems and other technical constraints …

CENTRALP is involved in most major rail programs. Our embedded developments cover large fields of application: Visualization, control, safety (SIL0 to SIL 3), information management, data transmission, application software…:

CENTRALP is an active member of UNIFE

Representing the European rail manufacturing industry, this association brings together more than 80 companies working in such sectors as design, manufacturing, maintenance and all related equipment …. UNIFE also brings together 15 European railway associations. The organization’s members represent over 86% of the rail market in Europe and 46% of world production of railway equipment and services.


Some CENTRALP referencies for the Railway sector

ALSTOM , Client Centralp
SNCF, Client Centralp
RATP, Client Centralp
THALES, Client Centralp

CENTRALP certifications for the Railway sector