e-vision+ now available in 12 inches

E-vision Plus - Console IHM secteur ferroviaire

CENTRALP introduces the last evolution of its driver HMI “e-vision +”, dedicated to all railway applications (trains, tramways, subways, in TCMS, ATC, CCTV, CBTC and ERTMS applications).

Main e-vision+ features include:
– + Performance: thanks to its new CPU card cortex A9 iMX6, which allows the management of up to 8 video flows simultaneously,
– + Convenience: its slim design and its numerous interfaces provide ease of installation, use and maintenance – ” plug and play “,
– + Sustainability: CENTRALP proposes strong products, with an optimized longevity and reliability, aligned with railway standards,
– + Modularity: many options available (screen sizes, touchscreen, keyboard)
– + Safety: integration of ETCS or TCMS constraints in the e-vision+ (watchdog, safety control process)