PEP ECOPASSPORT – to reduce environmental footprint

CENTRALP has registered PEP ECOPASSPORT for certain developments – An eco-responsible approach.

CENTRALP recently completed the implementation of an eco-design approach. This action, undertaken over a two year period helped renovate and revitalize the design and development of CENTRALP products.

This eco-design program focused on a flagship product, the e-Vision HMI. As a result, CENTRALP recorded a 10 to 30% gain in terms of weight, material consumption and energy consumption.

Benefits of this approach:

In the end, the overall production process has been improved through the implementation of a reduce energy audit and the implementation of reduction energy consumption approach.

The entire structure has also benefited from the impact: Improving synergies between departments, teams work on a new transversal approach, creating new opportunities for innovation and the determination of new competitive advantages.


This approach now extends to new CENTRALP concepts and its continuous improvement cycle. CENTRALP will soon publish positive results from an “eco-passport” collaboration with a railway sector customer.